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General Chat Rules
1. Respect other chatango members/chatters.
2. Be friendly to everyone (this includes Anons and Moderators).
3. No Racism, Swearing and saying Bad Words.
4. Keep the number of Videos and Images you post to a minimum.
5. Smileys are cute, but overdoing it can be considered spam.
6. Don't advertise or try to promote other anime/cartoon sites in the chat.
7. No Spoilers.
8. Avoid ALL CAPS and extremely large fonts.
9. Please speak in ENGLISH ONLY
10. Personal Issues should be dealt with PRIVATELY.

Anons/Unregistered Users
Please an account... In many cases people tend to ignore Anons/unregistered so be a good sport and an account.

Registered Users
Please invite Anons/unregistered users to register an account.

Chat Moderators
1. Give warnings when possible to anyone abusing the chat rules. If chatters refuse to comply then you know what to do.
2. Don't announce to everyone in the chat, that you're a moderator and Don't tell people that you can ban anyone.
3. Ban time for Offending chatters will depend on you an what they did. Try to make bans temporary when possible.
4. Be friendly to anons, they just need someone to talk to or listen to them. They are just annoying because they haven't registered and because they can do anything they want because they are anonymous.
5. Not all anons are bad, some might actually offer useful input to the chat. Have them Register an account when possible.
6. Refrain from deleting other moderators bans. (For this rule to hold. Moderators Must show their friends and other users the same level courtesy.)
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