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What Is Family Guy? Family Guy is an American animated television series about a dysfunctional family in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The show family guy revolves around Peter Griffin, a fat bloat with a taste for beer. Peter and his wife Lois have three children, namely Chris, Meg and Stewie (the diabolically evil infant son bent on world domination and the death of his mother)... and a talking dog named Brian.

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Latest Episodes

The Most Interesting Man in the World S12E17 - The Most Interesting Man in the World
When Peter takes Stewie to the park for some quality father-son time, he mistakenly takes the wrong baby home, prompting Lois to call him an idiot. Determined to prove to her that he is a responsible adult, Peter goes on a....

Herpe the Love Sore S12E16 - Herpe the Love Sore
Brian gives Stewie herpes, while Peter and the guys fight to reclaim their favorite booth at the Drunken Clam from another group....

Secondhand Spoke S12E15 - Secondhand Spoke
Peter is asked to be the face of an anti-smoking campaign just as he has taken up the habit of smoking cigarettes, while Stewie helps Chris face bullies at school....

Fresh Heir S12E14 - Fresh Heir
When Chris learns that he is the heir to Carter's fortune, but refuses to take the money, Peter takes drastic measures to keep the wealth in the family....

Acts of God S12E13 - Acts of God
Peter is sick of opposing football teams thanking God for beating the Patriots, so he and the guys go on a quest to find the Lord and ask Him to stop determining the outcomes of football games....

Mom's the Word S12E12 - Mom's the Word
When Peter's mother dies, he befriends her longtime pal Evelyn, who tries to seduce him. In the meantime, Stewie feels despair upon dealing with the realities of death....
What's Hot

Something, Something, Something, Dark Side Something, Something, Something, Dark Side
Blue Harvest 601 - Blue Harvest
Aired: 9/23/2007
stewie griffin: untold story Stewie Griffin: Untold Story
Aired: 9/27/2005
Stew-Roids 713 - Stew-Roids
Aired: 4/26/2009
I Dream of Jesus 702 - I Dream of Jesus
Aired: 10/05/2008
Stewie Kills Lois 604 - Stewie Kills Lois
Aired: 10/04/2007
Lois Kills Stewie 605 - Lois Kills Stewie
Aired: 10/11/2007
Petarded 406 - Petarded
Aired: 6/19/2005
PTV 414 - PTV
Aired: 10/06/2005
McStroke 608 - McStroke
Aired: 1/13/2008
Peter's Daughter 607 - Peter's Daughter
Aired: 9/25/2007
Death is a Bitch 206 - Death is a Bitch
Aired: 3/21/2000
He's Too Sexy for His Fat 217 - He's Too Sexy for His Fat
Aired: 6/27/2000
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